Lenovo Battery for Thinkpad 57+ L540


Lenovo Battery for Thinkpad 57+ L540

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  • Lenovo 6 Cell 57wh , 5.2Ah, 10.8v Thinkpad Battery 57 + (0C52863, 45N1144, 45N1145, 45N1147, 45N1149) Factory Sealed Genuine Lenovo
  • ThinkPad Retail P/N ; 0c52863- Thinkpad Battery 57+ (6 Cell)-used in Thinkpad Models ; L540, L440 , T540p, T440p, W540, W541
  • All Lenovo Model Numbers Are Suffix Specific. Lenovo Battery 57+ Is Not Used in T440, T440s, T540, T540S
  • Lenovo Battery 57+ Is Safeguarded With A Chip To Authenticate Itself With Lenovo Systems.
  • The battery lasts on average 57 watt hours* and utilises over-discharge protection to ensure a secure flow of power.

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The 6-cell ThinkPad battery 57+ is a replacement/spare battery for W541, W540, T440p, T540p, W540, L440 and L540 systems. The battery is rechargeable and can be used as replacement or as a convenient spare for several popular ThinkPad systems. This battery is powered by Lithium-Ion technology and has a safeguard chip which authenticates with Lenovo systems.
Lenovo Battery for Thinkpad 57+ L540, L440, T540p, T440p, W541, W540 Series Laptop Battery


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