Laptop Battery for Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P


  • Battery Type: Voltage: 10.8V 
  • Capacity: 62Wh 5800mAh 
  • Color: Black, Li-ion Battery
  • Replacement for Part Number: L12S6R01 L12S6E01 L12S6A01 L12L6E01 L11L6R02 L11S6R01.
  • Compatible Models: Fit for Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 Y400N Y410 Y410P Y490 Y490A Y490M Y490P Y500 Y500N Y500N-IFI Y510 Y510P Y590 Series.
  • Warranty – 6 Month
  • Warranty Description Part We offers many ways to get support and service for your laptop replacement BATTERIES .Please contact our customer care no : 777 000 61 00 for any issues regarding your Laptop Batteries. We’ll help you fix your issue or set up a repair.. Please see to it that physical damage and liquid damage are not covered in our warranty. Before you contact us, please be ready with your Order Id….

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Compatible Model
Lenovo IdeaPad Y400 Y400N Y400P Y400M-IFI Y400N-IFI Y400N-ISE Series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y410 Y410N Y410P Series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y490 Y490A Y490N Y490P Y490M Series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 Y500N Y500P Y500N-IFI Y500N-ISE Y500NT-IS Series
Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 Y510A Y510N Y510P Y510M Y510A-SI Y510A-TFI Y510A-TTW Y510M-TTW Y510P-IFI Lenovo IdeaPad Y590 Y590N Y590P Series.


Replace Part Number:

L11S6R01, L11L6R02, L12L6E01, L12S6A01, L12S6E01, 3ICR19/65-2, 3INR19/66-2.



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