Laptop Battery for Lenovo B40 B50 B40-30 B40-45 B40-70 4 CELL


Product Description

Battery Type : Li-ion

Voltage : 11.1 V

Capacity : 2000 mAH
IdeaPad: B40, B40-30, B40-45, B40-70, B50, B50-30, B50-30Touch, B50-45, B50-70, G550S, M4400, M4400A, M4450, M4450A, N40, N40-30, N40-45, N40-70, N50, N50-30, N50-45, N50-70, V4400, V4400A B40-45, B40-70, B50, B50-30, B50-30Touch, B50-45, B50-70, M4400, M4400A, M4450, M4450A, N40, N40-30, N40-45, N40-70, N50, N50-30, N50-45, N50-70. L12M4E55, L12S4E55, L13L4A01, L13M4A01, L13S4A01, M4400, M4400A, M4450, M4450A, N40-30, N40-45, N40-70, N50-30, N50-45, N50-70 4 Cell Laptop Battery

Warranty : 6 Months Warranty By Lappie Care

Warranty Description Part

We offers many ways to get support and service for your laptop replacement BATTERIES .Please contact our customer care no : 777 000 61 00 for any issues regarding your Laptop Batteries. We’ll help you fix your issue or set up a repair.. Please see to it that physical damage and liquid damage are not covered in our warranty. Before you contact us, please be ready with your Order Id….

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Compatible Part Number:

121500192, 121500239, 121500240, 121500241, 121500242, 121500243, 121500244, 45N1184/85, 45N1186, 45N1187, 5B10K10151, 5B10K10153, 5B10K10154, L12L4E55, L12M4E55, L12S4E55, L13L4A01, L13M4A01, L13S4A01

Compatible With Models Numbers:

IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0151GE), B50-70 (MCC39GE), E51-80 (80QB0008GE), IdeaPad M4450, Eraser B40, IdeaPad E50-70(80JA), B50-70 (MCC2ZGE), E50-80 (80J2024SGE), IdeaPad B50-70, B50-30 Touch, IdeaPad 305-15IHW, B50-70 (MCC2VGE), E50-80 (80J200QQGE), IdeaPad B50-30, B40-30, IdeaPad 305-15IBD 80NJ, B50-70 (MCC2NMH), B50-80, IdeaPad B40-45, IdeaPad 305-15ABM, B50-70 (MCC2HGE), N50-45, Eraser N50-70, E41-80-80QAA007IH, B50-70 (MCC26GE), N40-45, Eraser N50, E41-80-IFI, B50-45 (MCD3LGE), M4450, Eraser N40-30, B51-80A-ISE, B50-45 (MCD23GE), IdeaPad V4400A, Eraser M4450, B51-35A-AEI, B50-30 (MCA32GE), IdeaPad N50-45, Eraser B50-70, B51-35, B50-30 (80ES), IdeaPad N40-70, Eraser B50-30, E50-70, B51-35 (80LH0016GE), E51-80 (80QB000FGE), IdeaPad N40, Eraser B40-45, IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0138GE), B50-70 (MCC36GE), E51-80 (80QB0006GE), IdeaPad M4400A, B50-70, IdeaPad E50-70, B50-70 (MCC2YGE), E50-80 (80J20151GE), IdeaPad B50-45, B50-30, IdeaPad 305-15IBY 80NK, B50-70 (MCC2TGE), E50-80 (80J2006VGE), IdeaPad B50, IdeaPad 305-15IBD, B50-70 (MCC2NGE), IdeaPad G550S, IdeaPad B40-30, IdeaPad 305-14IBD 80R1, B50-70 (MCC2FGE), N50-30, Eraser N50-45, E41-80-ITH, B50-70 (MCC25GE), N40-30, Eraser N40-70, E41-80, B50-45 (MCD2GGE), M4400A, Eraser N40, B51-30A-NTO, B50-45 (59445371), IdeaPad V4400, Eraser M4400A, B51-80A-IFI, B50-30 (MCA2WGE), IdeaPad N50-30, Eraser B50-45, B51-35 (80LH002GGE), B51-30, IdeaPad N40-45, Eraser B50, IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0159GE), B50-70 (MCC3FFR), E51-80 (80QB0009GE), IdeaPad M4450A, Eraser B40-30, IdeaPad E50-70(80JA0137GE), B50-70 (MCC32GE), E51-80, IdeaPad M4400, B50-45, IdeaPad 305-15IHW 80NH, B50-70 (MCC2WUK), E50-80 (80J200QXGE), IdeaPad B50-30 Touch, B40-45, IdeaPad 305-15IBY, B50-70 (MCC2QGE), E50-80, IdeaPad B40-70, IdeaPad 305-15ABM 80NL, B50-70 (MCC2KGE), N50-70, IdeaPad B40, IdeaPad 305-14IBD, B50-70 (MCC28GE), N40-70, Eraser N50-30, E41-80-ISE, B50-70 (80EU), M4450A, Eraser N40-45, B51-30A-NTS, B50-45 (MCD28GE), M4400, Eraser M4450A, B51-30A-NTZ, B50-30 (MCA37GE), IdeaPad N50-70, Eraser M4400, B51-35-EON, B50-30 (MCA2VGE), IdeaPad N50, Eraser B50-30 Touch, B51-35 (80LH001GGE), E51-80 (80QB005NGE), IdeaPad N40-30, Eraser B40-70


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