Laptop Battery For ASUS ZenBook UX303L TP300L C31N1339


  • Type : Li-ion
  • Voltage: 11.31V
  • Capacity : 50Wh/4400mah 
  • Colour: Black
  • Warranty: Warranty 6 Months By Lappie Care

If you are unable to figure out your laptop model number or part number please give us a call on 777 000 61 00 or raise a chat in the chatbox


  • ‘Laptop Battery For ASUS ZenBook UX303L TP300L’ is shipped with expert packaging to make the user experience more special.
  • Certified with 6  months warranty on manufacturing defect. Makes ‘Lappie Care’ more trusted seller. Click here to know more about the warranty.

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0B200-00930000, 0b200-00930000M-0101A-448-0Q1C, 0B200-00930100, 0B200-00930100M, 0B200-00930200, 0B200-00930300, 0B200-9300000, 0B200-9300000M, C31N1339, C31P093, C31P0JH, C31Po93, C31POJH

Compatible Models:TP300LD, UX303LA-R5166H, UX303LN, UX303LA_C-1A, UX303LN-1A, UX303LA-R0267H, asus-zenbook-ux303l, UX303LA-R5095P, UX303LA-R4342H, TP300, UX303LA-R5098H, UX303LB-R4152D, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ-C4056T, U303LN5200, UX303LA-RO340H, UX303UB-R4044T, ZenBook UX303L Series, TP300LA-DW044H, U303LA5500, Transformer Book Flip TP300LJ, TP300LD-C4031H, TP300L, UX303LN-DQ109H.

If you are unable to figure out your laptop model number or part number.
you can give us a call on 777 000 61 00 or raise a chat in the chatbox.

Certified with 6 Month warranty on manufacturing defects. Makes ‘Lappie Care’ a more trusted seller.


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