Genuine AB06XL Battery for HP Envy 13-AD022TU 13-AD023TU HSTNN-DB8C 921408-2C1


  • Battery Model : KN02XL – Voltage: 7.7V  – Capatity: 37.2Wh (4835 mAh) Type: Li-ion Battery.
  • Replacement for Part Number : KN02XL 916809-855 916365-421 HSTNN-UB7F HSTNN-LB7R TPN-W124 2ICP7 60 80.
  • Compatible with Laptop Models : Hp Pavilion X360 11/ 11M Series.

Compatible In : Compatible Parts: Lenovo 0A36290 0A36292 3INR19-65-2 42T4943 42T4945 42T4947 42T4948 42T4949 42T4950 42T4951 42T4952 42T4957 42T4958 42T4959 42T4960 42T4961 42T4962 45N1056 45N1057 45N1058 45N1059 BATTERY 84 BATTERY 84+Fits Computer Models: Lenovo Thinkpad E120 Thinkpad E120 30434Nc Thinkpad E120 30434Sc Thinkpad E120 30434Tc Thinkpad EDGE E120 Thinkpad EDGE E125 Thinkpad EDGE E130 Thinkpad EDGE E135 Thinkpad EDGE E145 Thinkpad EDGE E320 Thinkpad EDGE E325 Thinkpad EDGE E325 Thinkpad EDGE E330 Thinkpad EDGE E335 Thinkpad EDGE L330 Thinkpad X121E Thinkpad X121e Thinkpad X130E Thinkpad X130e Thinkpad X131e Thinkpad X140e

Warranty : 1 Year Warranty By Lappie Care

Warranty Description Part

We offers many ways to get support and service for your laptop replacement BATTERIES .Please contact our customer care no : 777 000 61 00 for any issues regarding your Laptop Batteries. We’ll help you fix your issue or set up a repair.. Please see to it that physical damage and liquid damage are not covered in our warranty. Before you contact us, please be ready with your Order Id….

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Genuine AB06XL Battery for HP Envy 13-AD022TU 13-AD023TU HSTNN-DB8C 921408-2C1.

Compatible HP Battery Part Number

  • AB06XL
  • 921438-855
  • 921408-2C1

Compatible HP Laptop Model Name

  • Envy 13-AD001NIA
  • Envy 13-AD006NN
  • Envy 13-AD006NO
  • Envy 13-AD008UR
  • Envy 13-AD009UR
  • Envy 13-AD010NG
  • Envy 13-AD021NF
  • Envy 13-AD023TU
  • Envy 13-AD027TU
  • Envy 13-AD030UR
  • Envy 13-AD031ND
  • Envy 13-AD050NZ
  • Envy 13-AD054TX
  • Envy 13-AD056NR
  • Envy 13-AD075TU
  • Envy 13-AD101NX
  • Envy 13-AD102NN
  • Envy 13-AD107NS
  • Envy 13-AD109NW
  • Envy 13-AD110UR
  • Envy 13-AD113NS
  • Envy 13-AD113TU
  • Envy 13-AD116UR
  • Envy 13-AD127TU




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