Dell Inspiron M5030 Battery


  • Input Voltage: 10.8 volts Current: 4080mAh Dimension: 214.30 x 57.70 x 23.30 mm
  • 1 Year National Warranty By Dell
  • Compatible Partno’s: Dell 4T7JN, 04T 7JN, 312-0234, 9T48V, 9TCXN, YXVK2, J1KND, 383CW, 312-0233, 04YRJH, 4YRJH, 07XFJJ, 7XFJJ, 451-11510, 9T48V, J4XDH, W7H3N, 8NH55
  • A quality cable specifically designed to alleviate stress from bending
  • If you are not sure about compatibility, please share your laptop’s service tag with the seller to confirm compatibility with the product
  • This product is compatible with the following systems: Latitude 3450, Latitude 3550, Vostro 2420, Vostro 2520

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Part Number 04YRJH 06P6PN 07XFJJ 0YXVK2 312-0233 312-0234 312-0235 312-0239 312-0240 312-1180 312-1197 312-1198 312-1200 312-1201 312-1202 312-1204 312-1205 312-1206 312-1262 383CW 40Y28 451-11510 4T7JN 4YRJH 7XFJJ 8NH55 965Y7 9JR2H 9T48V 9TCXN GK2X6 HHWT1 J1KND J4XDH JXFRP P07F P07F001 P07F002 P07F003 P08E P10F P10S P11G P14E P17F P18E P18F P20G P20G001 P20G002 P22G PPWT2 W7H3N WT2P4 YXVK2 5XF44 Inspiron 13R Inspiron 13R(3010-D330) Inspiron 13R(3010-D370HK) Inspiron 13R(3010-D370TW) Inspiron 13R(3010-D381) Inspiron 13R(3010-D430) Inspiron 13R(3010-D460HK) Inspiron 13R(3010-D460TW) Inspiron 13R(3010-D480) Inspiron 13R(3010-D520) Inspiron 13R(3010-D621) Inspiron 13R(INS13RD-348) Inspiron 13R(INS13RD-438) Inspiron 13R(INS13RD-448) Inspiron 13R(INS13RD-448LR) Inspiron 13R(N3010) Inspiron 13R(N3010D-148) Inspiron 13R(N3010D-168) Inspiron 13R(N3010D-178) Inspiron 13R(N3010D-248) Inspiron 13R(N3010D-268) Inspiron 13R(T510431TW) Inspiron 13R(T510432TW) Inspiron 14R Inspiron 14R(4010-D330) Inspiron 14R(4010-D370HK) Inspiron 14R(4010-D370TW) Inspiron 14R(4010-D381) Inspiron 14R(4010-D382) Inspiron 14R(4010-D430) Inspiron 14R(4010-D460HK) Inspiron 14R(4010-D460TW) Inspiron 14R(4010-D480) Inspiron 14R(4010-D520) Inspiron 14R(INS14RD-438) Inspiron 14R(INS14RD-448B) Inspiron 14R(INS14RD-458) Inspiron 14R(N4010).


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