HP 65w Adapter Charger For HP 65W 4.5mm Blue pin


  • HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA Specification:
  • This HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA delivers the power you need with an HP standard 4.5mm Blue connector.
  • The right angle 4.5mm connector reduces cord stress and allows easy access to your other ports.
  • Rating : 19V 3.33A 65w HP
  • Pin Size : 4.5mm x 3.0mm (Blue Tip)
  • WARRANTY : 1 Year by Lappie Care

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HP 65W Adapter Y5Y43AA – 4.5mm Blue pin charger Power Cord Y5Y43AA

HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA Product description

Getting a trusted AC adapter shouldn’t be a shot in the dark. with a reliable name, this standard power adapter gives a safe, powerful charge every time. This 65W power adapter gives the power you need with a standard 4.5mm connector. The built-in surge-protector helps keep your laptop safe from sudden power changes. Keep your cable neat and organized with the attached hook and loop fastener.

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  • WARRANTY : 1 Year By Lappie care

How to take care of your “Original HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA”

  1. Keep your HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA Charger somewhere that water cannot reach it to avoid electrocution of the user and the destruction of your laptop
  2. Always unplug your HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA when it is too hot. This is to prevent it from spoiling and damaging the laptop. You are advised to disconnect the HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA when the battery is full to save energy usage
  3. When using the HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA for a long time, place it on a surface which allows it cool down or in surface where circulation is possible and that does not trap heat. This is to avoid over-heat.
  4. Wire from the HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA should be avoided contact with sharp objects such as torn corner table. If the wire of Charger Adapter is torn, do not use anymore.
  5. Do not wrap the HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA with ‘tape’ or other material. It can occur electric shock and damage to your Microsoft laptop.
  6. The transformer of HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA can get hot during the charging process. To avoid overheating while your laptop is charging, make sure it’s placed somewhere with plenty of airflows.
  7. Another important care is to not get your HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA wet or expose it to harmful chemicals as this will damage the charger.
  8. Don’t pull on the cord when removing the HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA Charger, and keep it away from where it can be stepped on
  9. If you plug your charger into a faulty power circuit to charge your laptop, the high voltage will go directly through your HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA which can burn it and cause major damage to your laptop.
  10. A most of people habituate to leave their Charger Adapters lying around when they have no use for it. Your HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA should not be exposed to hot or freezing cold temperatures. Don’t leave your ‘HP 65w Adapter Y5Y43AA’ in the seat of your car all day long. When you are not using it, store it away in your laptop bag.

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