HP VT06XL battery – 86Wh,6 cells

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  • Battery type: Li-ion 
  • Capacity: 86Wh/7450mAh
  • Voltage: 11.1V
  • Color: Black 
  • Compatible P/N: VT06, VT06XL, VT06086XL, TPN-I103, HSTNN-DB3F, HSTNN-IB3F, 996TA008H, 657240-151, 657240-171, 657240-251, 657240-271, 657503-001.
  • Compatible Model: HP Envy 17-3000 Series  / HP Envy 17T-3000 Series.
  • Warranty: 6 Month Warranty By Lappie Care

If you are unable to figure out your laptop model number or part number please give us a call on 777 000 61 00 or raise a chat in the chatbox

  • All batteries with Grade A cells ensure fast charge and low power consumption, all batteries are under strict guidelines for compatibility. Built-in circuit protection ensures both safety and stability.
  • ‘Battery For HP Envy 17T-3000 Series’ is shipped with expert packaging to make the user experience more special.
  • Certified with 6 Month warranty on manufacturing defect. Makes ‘Lappie Care’ more trusted seller. Click here to know more about the warranty.

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The 11.1V 86Wh(6 cells) HP VT06XL laptop battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery cells, which has been tested to be brand new and totally compatible with the original manufacturer specifications, meets or even exceeds the original battery performance. With high-quality battery cells and materials, your laptop will run longer and more secure. Moreover, this battery has no “memory effect” and you don’t need to discharge before each charge. It is more convenient for you to use our replacement HP VT06XL batteries.

HP Part Numbers
657240-151 657240-271 HSTNN-DB3F VT06
657240-171 657503-001 HSTNN-IB3F VT06086XL
657240-251 996TA008H TPN-I103 VT06XL
Fit Laptop Models
Envy 17-3000 3D Edition Envy 17-3001ED Envy 17-3005EO Envy 17-3015EO Envy 17-3095BR
Envy 17-3000 Envy 17-3001ER Envy 17-3010EG Envy 17-3020EN Envy 17-3095CA
Envy 17-3000EA Envy 17-3001EX Envy 17-3010EN Envy 17-3030EN Envy 17-3095LA
Envy 17-3000EB Envy 17-3001XX 3D Edition Envy 17-3010EO Envy 17-3030EW Envy 17-3099EL
Envy 17-3000EG Envy 17-3002EA Envy 17-3010ER Envy 17-3070NR Envy 17-3200
Envy 17-3000EO Envy 17-3002EF Envy 17-3011ER Envy 17-3077NR Envy 17T-3000
Envy 17-3000ER Envy 17-3004ED Envy 17-3015EF Envy 17-3080EZ Envy 17T-3200


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