Battery for Dell Inspiron 1564


  • Input Voltage: 11.1 volts
  • Current: 4800mAh
  • Dimension: 274.50 x 53.12 x 22.30 mm
  • Compatible Model: Dell Inspiron 1464 Series, Inspiron I1464, Insprion 1564, Inspiron I1564, Inspiron 1764, Inspiron I1764
  • Compatible Partno’s: 5YRYV, 9JJGJ, JKVC5, NKDWV, TRJDK, 5Y4YV

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Dell Inspiron Laptop Battery

Continue your work and play on your Dell Inspiron Laptop. From the house of Dell comes this solid Dell Insp 6-Cells Battery to deliver you its efficient performance. The Insp Battery can serve as a good replacement for your worn-out Dell Inspiron Laptop battery. Its high-capacity 4800 mAh potential allows you to go unimpeded with your multitasks on your Dell Inspiron Laptop. The Insp Battery incorporates 6 lithium-ion cells to boost your Inspiron Laptop’s productivity manifolds. You can renew your Inspiron Laptop battery with this original Dell 6-cells Battery and give your Inspiron Laptop longevity.


The Insp 6-cells Laptop Battery can be fitted into Dell Inspiron 1464, Inspiron 1564 and Inspiron 1764 Series Laptops. Its 274.5 x 53.12 x 22.3 mm dimensions and light-weight of 399 gm make this Insp Battery easy-to-handle and convenient to install in your Inspiron Laptop. The power-intake of 11.1 V of the Dell Insp 1464/1564/1764 series 6 cell battery allows energy-saving and cost-effectivity.


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